Karaoke – Rental System VS. Professional Host

So you have a party planned and want karaoke rental?  The question is, should you rent a computer set-up with karaoke or hire a company that does everything?  We have a bit of advise.  Before you spend $150 or more, go and purchase a home set up for your television.  It will run the same price or less considering some rentals go for over $200.  A perfect example is the following karaoke set-up.  This set up retails for $149 at the time of this blog post.

Rockville 8″ Powered Pro Karaoke Machine/System w/LED’s+(2) Wireless Microphones
houston karaoke rental system
Karaoke rental in houston

Also, there are streaming karaoke services such as “KaraFun” where you can access the entire library by monthly or daily memberships. A two day pass is only $5.99 and a monthly pass is only $9.99.  I mean, if you are going to pay someone to drop off equipment for a day, you may as well purchase your own.

Let’s face it, for adult parties, a few drinks goes great with karaoke.  Do you really want to be stuck operating a “Karaoke Machine” all night?  Or, do you want someone who will encourage your guests to take to the mic?  A professional host will keep the party moving without making you the friend or relative that is pushing them to sing a song.

In many cases, the cost for a host to bring equipment, set up, run the show and encourage your guests to participate is usually around the same price as renting a PA and music.  The difference is you are limited to paying a host by the hour.  A four hour show from a professional is around the same cost as renting a PA.  If you time it right, four hours is all you need.  Give your guests time to have a few drinks before show time.  An example would be, party starts at 8pm, karaoke starts at 9pm.  This will give your guests a chance to gather some courage.