Wedding DJ Under $500

Are you looking for a wedding DJ under $500?  When searching for a wedding DJ, price is a deciding factor for may couples.  Also, value is a major consideration.  A bride and groom want the most bang for their buck with their chosen service provider.  Some wedding DJ’s will charge as much as two thousand dollars.  DJ’s that charge thousands of dollars provide additional services such as up-lighting, projector and gobo services.  Wedding DJ’s under $500 can provide a great value.  For one, they will usually have quite a bit of MC experience.  When hiring an inexpensive DJ, you should be able to get a feel for their knowledge over the phone.

Wedding DJ's Under $500 500
DJ’s under $500

Karaoke Houston provides wedding DJ services at a value.  We provide an online event planner as well as experience in keeping a wedding on it’s timeline.  Karaoke Houston works with your photographer and caterer to help move your event along.  A typical four hour wedding reception in the local area will run approximately $399.00.  Adding the ceremony in the same location will add an hour of time and an additional $100.00.  We also offer gobo services for an additional charge.  A gobo will project initials or a logo on the dance floor or a wall.  Basic lighting is included at no additional charge.  We do however offer upgraded lighting.

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