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  • 1. Are you professionally trained?

    Some DJ companies claim that their staff is professionally trained. In reality, they do the training themselves - the
    senior people train the new people. Based on that, then yes, We are professionally trained. During our initial years
    as a DJ. We worked for an established DJ company. We received training from our parents who have been in the
    business since the early 1980's, They are still in the business today, and also work for our company. We have
    attended several DJ conventions, and training seminars. We subscribe to, and read, several trade magazines
    including DJ Times, Mobile Beat and DJ Entertainer. We are a very active participant in two Internet based DJ
    discussion groups.


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  • 2. What happens if you get sick?

    We would have to be very sick to risk our reputation by getting a substitute to cover for us, after a client has put so
    much trust in our company. Because We are a family owned and operated company. We have numerous other DJ's on
    call so in the slim chance one of us becomes ill, your special occasion would be covered.

    Sick karaoke

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  • 3. How are you different from other DJ Companies?

    Many DJ's put on such an elaborate show, that they make themselves the center of attention at the event. We feel
    that doing that will take too much attention away from the guest(s) of honor. If people are partying and on the
    dance floor, then we certainly will keep those people entertained and occupied. If the event looks as if it's dying,
    We will try to liven up your guests. We integrate the right amount of talk with the right amount of music and
    motivation. We keep your event cheese free.


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  • 4. What is your experience?

    What is your experience?
    How many events have you done?
    We have completed thousands of events, not only for our company but for others as well. We started in the early
    1980's. Starting with only cassette tapes and then instrumental tapes for karaoke in the early 90's. Then we started
    Karaoke in 1991 with Laser disc. From there, we added CD+G's.  Now everything is in digital format.

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  • 5. How do you motivate the group to participate in dancing?

    Some people will never dance. Others may dance no matter what song is being played. Then there are those
    people that need a push to get started. For them I play songs like the Electric Slide and Cupid Shuffle. Songs that do
    not require a dance partner. Additionally, I will get on the dance floor and lead the beginning of these dances if
    necessary. Once on the dance floor, I will play great party songs - the kind of songs that almost everyone knows
    and loves. In addition to merely playing music, if desired, I can help coordinate some party games that will make
    your event different than the average event.

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  • 6. How do you set the tone of the event?

    That really depends on you and your desires. We can play upbeat party music all night long, or start with mellow
    music at the beginning and during dinner,and build towards the high energy party music later on in the evening.  We have online event planning forms that are available to all of our clients that will allow you to create a timeline of events.  This will help us to create the right amount of ambiance and energy at the right moments.

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  • 7. Do you specialize in a specific genre of music?

    We do not specialize. Instead, We have a wide variety of music, including pop, top-40, dance, disco, hip-hop, rock
    and oldies. We tailor the music we play to the audience. A Wedding or Anniversary party may get a lot of oldies,
    rock and/or classic disco, while a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or Sweet 16 might get a lot of top-40, dance and/or hip-hop. We have an online song selection tool that will allow you to choose as many or as few songs as you choose.

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  • 8. Do you take requests?

    Yes - It's your party, not ours. We allow you to select as many songs from our online song selection tool.  Also, with wifi, we can purchase the most obscure tracks on the fly at your event at no additional charge to you. Same rules apply for karaoke!


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  • 9. Can I provide my own music?

    If you have a very specific song or track that you need played at your event, just get with us prior to your event so that we may find a way to legally play your track.  We always find a way to make it happen.


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  • 10. What is your standard attire?

    When booking our services, you will be asked about the dress attire for your DJ.  Formal events such as weddings will give you an option of a suite and tie for your DJ.  All other events give you an option of business casual to casual to extremely casual.  Keep in mind that even when selecting extremely casual, your DJ will still NEVER wear anything inappropriate.

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  • 11. What time will you arrive?

    We normally arrive at the facility about one hour before your event is scheduled to begin. That is
    with our basic services, Premium services may require up to two and a half hours. This is far more time than we
    need to set up, but it allows us to take our time, and not have to get crazy and sweaty trying to rush. Once we are
    set up, We begin playing quiet background music right away as your early guests start to arrive as long as we are set up early.

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  • 12. Are you insured?

    Yes, up to two million dollar liability and property
    damage policy. A copy will be provided to a booked client when requested.

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  • 13. Do you require a deposit? What if there is a cancellation?

    Deposits are usually $50, or $100 for photo booth rentals payable by check, cash or credit card. Balances can be paid by check, money order or
    credit card one week prior to the event or cash prior to set-up on the day of the event. For legal reasons, the
    deposit is called a "Retainer Fee" on the contract. Due to an inability to sell services to another buyer on the same
    date, the buyer is responsible for the full contracted price once the contract is signed. However, the balance due
    will be determined on a sliding scale based on the reason for the cancellation, the amount of time provided to
    Karaoke Houston to resell the scheduled date to another buyer, and whether or not the party is
    rescheduled with a booking for Boyte Booking Entertainment Agency.


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  • 14. What power requirements do you have?

    We need access to a 110V power outlet within 30 feet.  Or, a generator within 30 feet.  We will supply the extension cord for the 30 ft. distance.


    electrical needs, power supply,

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