Thank you for choosing Karaoke

Please take a moment to look over our Terms Of Service/Contract and your Invoice. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via email or phone. Thank you and we look forward to your event!

Terms Of Service/Contract

Please Read Over Terms Of Service/Contract. By Paying Your Deposit This Confirms That You The Client And Karaoke Houston Are Agreeing and E-Signing To The Terms Of Service/Contract Listed Below For Your Event.

Thank you for your business, and we look forward to working with you on your upcoming event. Here are a few quick reminders from our staff.

Please remember that all music requests must be sent to us at least one (1) week prior to your event. For Weddings, all music requests must be received at least two (2) weeks prior to your event. Music requests may be updated in your online event planner or emailed directly to [email protected]. Please keep in mind that all music is not made on Karaoke and that some tracks may not be available. Some DJ music may not be available or may not have a radio (Clean Edit). If in this case, we will let you know as soon as possible. If any songs you request are available we will have them for your event, as long as they are requested by the allotted time frame before your event date. If we are having any trouble finding any songs that you have requested, we will contact you to let you know either by email or phone. Please send all music requests to [email protected] or update them on your online event planner.

KaraokeHouston/James And Jodie Boyte must receive a list of questions that was sent out to you the client via e-mail before you receive your initial booking/deposit Invoice. These questions must be filled out and received before a deposit invoice is issued. The list of questions is to help in the aid of your event success. If your event is Short Notice, then questions must be filled out and received the Same Day as the Original Booking/Invoice Date. If not received KaraokeHouston/James And Jodie Boyte are not responsible for any missing information.

If you are paying with a check please make check payable to James Boyte.

All checks must be received (3) weeks prior to above stated event date. Unless other arrangements have been made with Karaoke Houston/Jodie Boyte, and once again all checks are to be made out to James Boyte. ALL CHECKS MUST BE MADE OUT TO JAMES BOYTE. IF NOT MADE OUT CORRECTLY THEY WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

If check is made out to Karaoke Houston Or Anyone Other Than James Boyte a return check fee of $25 will be added to your total balance due, and must be paid no later than 24 hours of original date listed on check.

All Deposits must be made within 72 hours to guarantee your event date. Once deposit is made your event date is locked in for your event. Also, by paying deposit you agree to all terms and conditions in the Karaoke Houston Terms of Service/Contract. Unless other arrangements have been made with Karaoke Houston/Jodie Boyte about deposit they must be paid within 72 hours. All Final event payments if not made prior to your event date must be paid in Cash prior to DJ setup. Unless other arrangements have been made with Karaoke Houston/Jodie Boyte.

All overtime is paid in Cash or With Credit Card the day of event to DJ, prior to the DJ performing overtime. DJ will give 15 minutes warning before scheduled end time to check and see if overtime is needed. (Cash & Credit Cards Only). If paying remaining balance by Credit Card a $10.00 convenience fee will be applied to the total balance due for your above stated event.

In the instance that this event is canceled for any reason, a written notice must be provided two (2) weeks in advance to Karaoke Houston/Jodie Boyte. The notice must be sent by e-mail postdated no later than two (2) weeks from the event date. If a written notice is not received two (2) weeks prior to event date and event is canceled all monies owed to Karaoke Houston/James Boyte must be paid in full no later than 24 business hours from the said event date. This means that the full balance for your event must be paid to Karaoke Houston/James Boyte within 24 hours of your said event date. If not paid legal fees and other charges will apply. Deposit is only transferable. Deposit is non-refundable.

In the instance of cancellation for any reason, according to written notice terms above. The client can hire Karaoke Houston for another event date and use the deposit/retainer fee for this event, and we will transfer the deposit/retainer fee to the new event.

If event is Outdoors and weather or acts of God beyond Karaoke Houston or Clients control occurs and event is canceled or cut short, Karaoke Houston will be compensated for services rendered/time performed. A Minimum of $150 plus travel charge (if applicable) will be due to Karaoke Houston on day of event and must be paid by Cash or Credit card. If Karaoke Houston’s DJ and equipment can be moved indoors or there is ample coverage provided for DJ and equipment, then event will continue as scheduled.

(If Event Is Located Outdoors A Noise Ordinance Permit Must Be Obtained By The Client. Outdoor Events May Require A Permit. It Is The Clients Responsibility To Obtain Any Necessary Permits That Are Required For Outdoor Events. In The Event That The Event Must Be Cancelled Or Stopped Before Scheduled End Time, The Client Is Still Responsible For The Full Amount Of Monies Owed To KaraokeHuston. Music Volume Will Remain Within Legal Limits And Time For The County In Which Your Event Is Located. KaraokeHouston Is Not Responsible For Any Fines That May Be Assessed If The Client Fails To Obtain The Proper Permits.) 

Please make sure all event information is correct. Check Event Address on all GPS systems and if Event Address does not pull up correctly please provide Karaoke Houston the correct location with step by step or written directions to Event Address.

Karaoke Houston is not responsible for being lost or late in the event that the address was not given properly. If Event Address is incorrect or does not take DJ to correct location per GPS systems, then please provide this information at least One (1) Week prior to event date.

Please make sure that all information is filled out on all forms/paperwork that Karaoke Houston sends to you and that they are received by Karaoke Houston by email at least two (2) weeks prior to your event date. Please check your spam folders for any forms/paperwork that may have been sent, as it may get placed there by accident. If forms/paperwork are not received, Karaoke Houston is not Responsible for any missing information that is required in the forms/paperwork.

If Event Location Requires Someone To Let DJ In, Please Make Sure That Karaoke Houston Has A Contact Person Name And Number In Order For Us To Contact Them In Case Of Not Being Able To Be Let Into Location. Karaoke Houston Is Not Responsible For Location(s) Not Letting DJ In With Ample Time For Setup.

If Karaoke Houston is delayed in setup due to the inability to contact the client on provided contact numbers, Karaoke Houston is not responsible for loss of event time.

Karaoke Houston Will Arrive At Least An Hour To An Hour And A Half Early To Allow Setup And Trouble Shooting. Karaoke Houston Will Need At Least One Hour To Setup And One Hour To Break Down. If You The Client Or Event Location Can Not Provide One Hour For Setup Or Break Down Please Make Arrangements With Karaoke Houston/Jodie Boyte In Advance. All Arrangements Must Be Emailed And Approved By Karaoke Houston/Jodie Boyte Before Said Event Date.

If any forms or documents need to be filled out or signed by Karaoke Houston/ James and Jodie Boyte. They need to be requested two (2) weeks prior to said event date. If forms are not requested two (2) weeks prior to said event date than a $25 form fee will be charged, fee must be paid before said documents are signed and released by Karaoke Houston/ James and Jodie Boyte. (ie: W9 forms, I9 forms, insurance and any other legal or formal documents that require Karaoke Houston or James and Jodie Boyte’s Personal Information, etc.) Please contact us for a list of documents that we will provide to you as the client or venue location. Events booked with less than two (2) weeks’ notice will be considered on a case by case basis.

If other arrangements have been made with Karaoke Houston/Jodie Boyte, they must be confirmed through an email to the event account holder/client which is the person who booked event/hired us for the event. If arrangements are not made through email and confirmed then arrangements are considered as NOT VALID.

If you have any questions or concerns about our terms of service /contract, please feel free to contact us via email or phone. Terms that are in our terms of service / contract do not always apply, they are stated to simply protect the client and Karaoke Houston in the event that they may occur.

If you have any questions about your upcoming event, please contact us via email or phone and we will be more than happy to help.

Once again Thank you and we look forward to your upcoming event!

You will be receiving an Invoice and this terms of service is also attached.

If you are having trouble opening the invoice document, we recommend that you install Adobe Reader.

You may pay your invoice by our PayPal link or you can contact us by phone and we can process your payment over the phone.

Photo Booth Specific Terms Of Service

Initial Payment, Fees and Cancellation Charges

An initial deposit of $100 is required to secure your booking. Please click on our Contact Us link at the top to make your booking. The deposit you pay to secure your event is non-refundable 30 days leading up the event, and reflects the work we put into events prior to attending, and the bookings we will have missed be securing your date for you.

All cancellations must be made by contacting us via email at [email protected]. Once your event has been cancelled, your event date will immediately be available for other people to book. *Please note all refunds of monies paid will incur a fee to cover the transaction costs set in place by our 3rd party payment providers.

  • Cancellation 30 days or more before the event – refund of the initial payment and/or all monies paid minus transaction fees*.
  • Cancellation between 30 – 15 days of the event – refund of any monies paid, excluding the 100% deposit and transaction fees*.
  • Cancellation within 15 days of the event – will have no refund of any monies paid

*fees are determined by our third party payment processor PAYPAL.

Full Payment

Full payment is required at least 30 days before your event. You will need to log into our booking engine and pay.

Venue, Access and Location

It is your responsibility to ensure you have provided the venues contact information, address, name, and postcode for our attendants to find you. We also require that the venue allows reasonable access for loading, and suitable parking once the booth and equipment has been unloaded. If parking for loading is restricted you will be liable for any fines that occur as a result and or time used seeking a suitable location. We cannot be held responsible for any errors or delays resulting from incorrect or missing address details.

Events beyond our Control

Face It Photo Booths cannot be held responsible for any circumstances that may prevent us from attending your event; these may include but are not limited to, severe weather conditions, traffic delays, breakdown of our vehicles, sickness or equipment failure. In the case that we cannot attend or fulfill your hire due to events beyond our control we will contact you or the venue as soon as possible. In these instances, our liability will be limited to the refunding all of monies paid.

Set-up of Services

We will arrive to set up approximately 90 minutes before the hire period is due to commence. If you require the booth to be set up earlier an idle time charge applies.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the venue has agreed for us to be in attendance at their venue and at the agreed time. This also includes ensuring that there is access to enter the venue and enough space with a power socket within 5 Feet of where the services are to be. If there is insufficient space for us to set up you will still be charged the full hire amount.

It is your responsibility to inform us of any circumstances that may make setting up take longer, these may include but are not exhaustive to; going upstairs, a long distance from unloading area to set-up area, restricted access. If we are not aware of these and the set-up takes longer than normal your hire period may be intruded into.

Hire Period

The hire period will be for a set period, typically three hours, but as specified in the booking form and as agreed by both parties before. In addition this will cover the 60 – 90 minute setup time and 30 minute pack down time.

Use will commence at the agreed time and finish at the agreed time in the booking form unless due to technical difficulties on our behalf, when we provide the service for the set period once rectified.

If your event simply starts late or runs late, our period of hire will still be for the agreed period and times unless we agree to provide additional hours as per our additions.

No Liability is accepted for:

  1. Loss of or damage to property belonging to or travelling with the members of any group. For example watches, jewelery, cameras or clothing.
  2. Personal injury or death of any participants however caused unless by proven negligence of Face It Photo Booths.

Termination of Hire

Face It Photo Booths will not tolerate any abuse or threatening behavior to our employees. If this occurs Face It Photo Booths retain the right to terminate the hire, with no refund payable for hire time that has been cut short. We are providing a service to you , our staff should be treated with the respect they deserve.

Face It Photo Booths also retain the right to terminate a hire if they feel that any equipment or property belonging to Face It Photo Booths is in danger of being damaged or has been damaged due to unruly behavior from you. We also reserve the right to refuse guests to participate in the activities if we feel they are too unruly.

In any instances where we feel there is a need to terminate the hire we will attempt to speak with you or the hosting venue first, if possible to try to resolve the matter before termination.

You will be fully responsible for any damages caused by you or any other attendees at the event to the booth or booth equipment howsoever caused, with the sole exclusion of Face It Photo booths staff.

In the event of any damages caused by those present to property or equipment in use by Face It Photo Booths, you will be charged the full replacement cost and are liable to cost involved in termination of future events due to sourcing replacements.

Any damages must be reported to a member of Face It Photo Booths Staff immediately.

By Paying Your Deposit This Confirms That You The Client And Karaoke Houston Are Agreeing And E-Signing To The Terms Of Service/Contract Listed Above For Your Event.


James & Jodie Boyte

[email protected] (832) 226 – 6565 / (832) 655 – 2961