Best Karaoke Bars In Houston

What makes the best karaoke bars in Houston not only good, but great?  There are a few things that make them great.  However, these same things can make a karaoke bar bad as well.  We are going to outline a few things that make a huge difference.  A fair rotation, great sound engineering as well as an upbeat host that can get the crowd involved.

  • Fair Rotation – Many hosts run a “Pay For Play” show.  This means that those customers that tip, get moved up in the rotation.  This will most definitely kill the vibe for those who are spending their hard earned money on drinks.  A karaoke host that runs a fair and honest rotation will most likely receive tips from guests as they are leaving the establishment.
  • Sound Engineering – This is the process of “Tweaking” the sound board to make each singer sound their best.  Many experienced hosts will tell you that their is a one size fits all setting.  There are vocal curves that work best for male and female vocalists, however, every voice is like a finger print and needs a unique touch.  Some singers project louder on the mic than others, some like more reverb or delay than others.  A great host will learn his or her singers preferences and tailor the sound to each singer.  However, keep in mind that if you do not communicate your preferences to the karaoke host, they will not know what you like or dislike.
  • Upbeat Energy –  A karaoke host should not only call up singers to the mic, but should also ask the crowd to get involved by applauding singers after their performance.  A great host will also remind the crowd to take care of their bartenders and waitstaff as well as announce drink specials or upcoming events over the mic.  They should project and be lively over the microphone at all times.

When looking for the best karaoke bars in Houston, it is best to visit online discussion boards as well as Facebook pages such as Houston Karaoke Connection.  Once you have a few places in mind, start your journey.

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