Hire Weekly Karaoke In Houston TX

So, you need weekly karaoke for your bar or club in Houston, TX.?  We have what you are looking for.  Not only we do offer Houston’s top karaoke hosts, we also offer promotions to help kick start your new show.  Through Facebook marketing and our huge fan base, we can generate a profitable night at your establishment.  We have one thousand local karaoke fans that we can reach out too.  The key is to generate enough traffic into your establishment that it covers the cost of your karaoke until the night turns a profit for you.  We have been in the business since 2004 and have built our fan base up organically.

Call or Text us at 832-655-2961 or email us through the “Contact Us” link above.

weekly karaoke for hire
weekly karaoke for my bar

We advertise your weekly show with page one rankings on Yahoo and Google. Go ahead and search for karaoke shows in Houston and see our web page with our weekly shows on page one!  This will put your karaoke show on page one! That’s something to think about considering that there are well over a hundred shows every week in Houston.  We hope to work with you in the future and create a revenue generating entertainment night that will be both fun and interactive for your patrons.

A weekly karaoke show will also generate more tips for your staff.  By announcing all your drink specials for the given night, your sales will increase.  Your karaoke host will also remind your patrons to tip their bartender and waitstaff.

Our karaoke set ups are professional and non obtrusive.  We utilize wireless microphones and bring out flat screen monitors.  We also bring out LED lighting to energize the stage.  The host will be upbeat and get your patrons involved with the fun.