Houston’s Top Karaoke Service Providers

There are many karaoke companies in Houston, TX.  Every company has something unique to bring to your establishment of event.  This business draws all types as it is a mostly cash business. The key is to find a host that has the right level of energy.  Too little will put your audience to sleep and too much will most definitely give your guests an anxiety attack.  Most karaoke hosts will indulge in alcoholic beverages while performing at bar and club venues and will avoid alcoholic beverages at private events.

Some entertainers however will definitely drink too much at events regardless of the event type.  One other issue that we have seen with karaoke hosts especially in male hosts is their inability to not make sexual advances on your customers.  This can potentially upset your guests or run off your clients.  When hiring a karaoke host for your venue, rules should be set in stone before committing to any contract.

We are going to mention a few companies that we are familiar with and what we like about these companies.  We will mention us first and try to remain neutral.

Houston's best karaoke companies
Best karaoke host
  • Karaoke Houston – This is a company that has been around since 2004.  Karaoke Houston established this business in 2004.  The owner, James, is a sound guy.  He isn’t the most interactive but keeps the crowd involved with his inflection on the mic and working the sound board.  They do not use Sound Choice or Chartbuster tracks due to legal restrictions against media shifting.  This protects their company as well as your establishment from potential lawsuits.  All private event DJ’s are background checked and cleared before entering any schools, private venues or schools.  Their library is ever growing and tracks are purchased on the fly when requested.  Karaoke Houston is a digital age company that uses phone apps as well as touch screen kiosks for song submission.  Pricing is fair for all types of events.  Karaoke Houston also offers non-profit pricing.
  • Selby Entertainment – This company has been around since the dawn of karaoke.  This company started with cassette tapes and lyrics on paper.  Pricing is affordable and phone support is great.  Selby Entertainment is know for their annual “Karaoke Awards” here in Houston, TX.  Singers will take to the stage and croon their best song for a chance to win cash and a trophy. The best part is that everybody leaves with a prize of some sort.  Selby Entertainment performs at all types of events from weddings to party boats.  This company also does not use Sound Choice or Chartbuster tracks for liability reasons.
  • Sound Trendz Entertainment – This company has been on the Scene since 2011.  We have been to their weekly shows as well as a wedding that they provided entertainment for.  They have a nice set up and kept the party rocking.  We would definitely feel confident recommending this company.
  • Adam Jolley Karaoke – This is one of Houston’s best kept secrets.  Adam is a full time poker table fabricator servicing clients across the nation.  However, he has a set up that most karaoke hosts would die to own.  He mainly does referral events for karaoke or DJ.  However, considering we have sang on his show and it was amazing, we felt it appropriate to add him.