Wireless Professional Karaoke Host

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to run your karaoke show from anywhere in a bar or club?  Much like a professional front of house engineer, it helps to get out front and hear what the crowd hears.  Anyone who has been a professional karaoke host has had the black hole dilemma where you only hear the muffled resonation of a live performance due to set up difficulties.  You have probably looked at wireless HDMI or VGA devices to unplug your laptop from the video monitor or wireless audio systems as well.  There is always two major problems with this, one is latency and the other is spotty connectivity.  Well, we have found a way around that.

It is now possible due to technology to run your sound from an iPad with digital mixers such as the Mackie DL1608.  This solves the problem of running sound from anywhere in the venue.  But what about your professional karaoke software?  Here is where it gets interesting.  You will need a second laptop and a remote desktop software.  There is a free program called RemotePC.  You will see a fraction of a second latency while operating the karaoke software, but not to bad for its purpose.  Best part is that the latency is on your end but not on the singers monitor since you are running the main computer from a secondary system.  Also, the secondary computer can be anything including an iPad with a keyboard.

wireless karaoke host
wireless mixing

You Need The Following

  • Karaoke set-up with wireless digital mixer (example DL1608)
  • Host computer with karaoke hosting software
  • Wireless router such as Apple Airport Extreme
  • Ipad with mixer app such as Master Fader
  • Secondary laptop for running host computer remotely
  • Remote PC installed on Host computer and remote computer
  • Optional - For a truly remote experience, a lithium battery pack to plug iPad and remote computer into.  This will keep you going remotely for a four to five hour show. Otherwise, be near a power outlet for your remote set-up.

Once you are wireless, you can now sit in the crowd with your singers.  We use Compuhost with songbooks online as well as KaraokeKiosk so that singers have numerous ways to sign up at our show.  Of course they can always submit songs with the KJ!  Happy Karaoke hosting!!