Karaoke In Houston – Where To Go

One thing is for sure, there is no shortage of karaoke in Houston, TX.  From back street bar rooms to large club style bars, karaoke is everywhere.  So what is the difference between backwoods karaoke and a location dedicated to karaoke?  There are two things that separate great karaoke from lousy karaoke.  One major thing that can make or ruin a great karaoke night is equipment.  When it comes to equipment, the old saying, “You get what you pay for”, could never be more true.  Shabby equipment can really put a dark cloud on an otherwise great karaoke night.  The second thing that can make or break a karaoke night is the Host.  A great karaoke host will run sound for each singer as though he or she is being judged on their abilities to bring out the best in that performer.  A bad karaoke host will take tips to bump singers up or only run sound for their friends.

Houston, Texas Karaoke
Karaoke In Houston TX

There are tons of great karaoke hosts in Houston, TX.  However, there are even more karaoke hosts in Houston that run unethical shows and play favoritism.  When looking for the best karaoke in Houston, Karaoke Houston is a great place to start.  The owner, James Boyte sets the bar at his shows and trains those he advertises for that taking tips to move singers up is completely unacceptable.  If you see this happen at a show advertised on our website please let us know so we can either train, discipline or cancel advertising on this individual.

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