Karaoke Houston is Amazing!!!

An Amazing Review! Thank you Jolie!

Just about every Friday night, I take my daughter Faith, to Live Oak for karaoke. We have been to a couple of other places for karaoke however Karaoke Houston is the best by far. The atmosphere is awesome and we see the same people each time. That says a lot. Repeat customers is a good thing. We have become friends with them and we always enjoy seeing one another as well as listening to each one sing. Singing is my daughter’s passion. I completely support her in this. It’s such a blessing to hear her sing. Couldn’t think of anything better to do. I also enjoy my boys too. My children are my life! But I will say, James, of Karaoke Houston is a really great person. He does such a great job. I highly recommend that anyone who wants to have a great filled night with karaoke, should come here! This is a family friendly place and everyone is nice and respectful. Looking forward to many more great evenings here!


Thank you for the amazing review Jolie.  Everyone enjoys Faith on the mic. What a talented daughter you have. Also, you need to get on the mic more often. It’s obvious where Faith gets her talent.  Thank you for this kind review and we hope to see you at our shows for years to come.