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We are certified safe and legal.  Our background is certified safe through Gigmasters as well as Kazza (Party City).  Also, our library has been scrubbed of any Sound Choice and Chartbuster logo tracks that may open Karaoke Houston or your venue up for a long and expensive lawsuit.

There is a company that is suing both karaoke companies as well as venues that allow the live performance of Sound Choice and Chartbuster tracks.   There are karaoke companies that choose to get a certification from the trademark holders of Sound Choice tracks that will prevent a lawsuit from the trademark holder (Phoenix Entertainment).  However,  this company does not hold the copyright to almost all these tracks. In fact, the producers never gave legal permission for their tracks to be mechanically produced for karaoke tracks.  Therefore, even with a certification to play these tracks, you may still open yourself up to a lawsuit.  Chartbuster does not allow media shifting of their tracks at all.  What does this mean?  If a karaoke company or individual plays Chartbuster tracks from a hard drive, they are in violation and may be sued by the owner of Chartbuster.

Certified Safe legal tracks
Trademark lawsuits

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Due to the confusion surround legalities and aggressive nature of the company that owns these two brands of karaoke tracks, we do not use any of their branded tracks.  This is the only way to guarantee that neither Karaoke Houston or your venue are sued for copyright or trademark infringement by Phoenix Entertainment or from the producers of the original tracks.

Not only are our tracks as safe as possible, our private event DJ’s are background checked as well.  We will be pleased to submit proof of this upon request and booking.  We have been trusted with colleges, grade school and preschool events over the last decade and pride ourselves in that there are very few karaoke company’s nationwide that offer this.

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