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Why Book Karaoke Houston For Your Venue

Let's face it, we all look alike, talk a good game and make promises.  That's par for the course.  How are we different?

Page One Rankings

Not just page one, but top of page one rankings on Google and Yahoo.  That is how Houstonians will find your establishments karaoke show. Test it!


We have completed thousands of shows in fourteen years and have NEVER left a client hanging.  If in the unfortunate event your entertainer is injured or sick, we have you covered.

Future Compatible

We are state of the art and always have been.  Singers can browse our library from a mobile app and even submit songs as well.  Also, they can rate other singers through the app.

100% Legal Library

We do not use Sound Choice or Chartbuster Tracks.  Even Companies who are licensed through them leave you open for legal issues from music producers. More Info here.


We have policies to protect your establishment as well as our company name.  Our hosts limit beverage consumption to one per hour.  Also, we have a zero tolerance policy for dating clients of your establishment.

Social Media Marketing

Our social media fan base has grown organically over the years.  This means our fans are Houstonians who love to sing karaoke and love our shows. A thousand fans and counting!

Weekly Pricing

Before we bore you with to many more reasons to give us a call, let's talk about price.  Most establishments will fall under the following prices.

Sunday - Thursday - $150.00 per night (4 Hours)

Friday -                             $175.00 per night (4 Hours)

Saturday -                       $200.00 per night (4 Hours)

What's Included

  • Paid promotions to kick-start your karaoke night
  • Professional Photoshop flyers for special events
  • Wireless Microphones for a more interactive experience
  • On the fly karaoke track purchase and play
  • Upbeat DJ music between singers
  • Invoicing available nightly
  • Always sober host on duty
  • LED lighting with strobe and lasers for every show
  • Upbeat host who will encourage your audience to participate
  • Drink specials announced throughout the night
  • And of course page one rankings (Search Karaoke Shows In Houston)
  • Your venue show added to our top ranking shows page
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