One Of A Kind Photo Booth Design

This full size touch screen mirror photo booth is unlike any other.  It's both elegant and beautiful.  It takes up a smaller footprint than other booths as well. The booth may also be branded for your corporate event.

Free Custom Digital Photo Template

We include a fully custom one of a kind photo template with every rental.  What does this mean? We make your vision a reality.  Our photo shop work is done in house.

SMS & E-mail Function

Want to upload your pictures to social media? The Mirror Me booth allows you to enter your email address or even text the photo to your phone prior to printing.

Animated Start Screens

From your company logo to a bride and groom turned into bobble heads, we can create custom animated start screens for the photo booth.  This is the first thing your guests will see when they approach the photo booth.  This is a great way to brand your event and make their photo booth experience unforgettable.

The Mirror Me Photo Booth

I think the most common reaction we get from those who experience this photo booth is "Wow!". It literally looks like a full size mirror.  But this mirror has some extraordinary features.

Mobile karaoke
add emojies to your photo

Add Emojie's To Your Photo

What better way to express your emotions than with emoticons! Add them to your photo before printing.  This adds a personal touch to every photo.

Sign Your Photo

Make it yours! Sign your name or your slogan to your photo prior to printing.  This truly makes it your work of art!

sign your photo
Back Drop With Flowers

Great Selection Of Free Back Drops

We have a wonderful selection of free back drops for your event! Check out our back drops here!

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