When considering bar entertainment ideas for your establishment, it is important to realize a great value.  A great Bar
entertainer does not mean a cheap karaoke host.  If a karaoke company is asking half what the competition is
requesting, you have to ask yourself why.  Either their music is not being purchased legally, or they can not hold
down a show at the going rate.  Bar entertainment in Houston is not cookie cutter.  Knowing how to get the crowd
engaged is important for a bar entertainment company.  Your bar entertainment should never be intoxicated while
performing.  A bar entertainment company should require their employees to be respectful, patient, friendly and
assisting.  Houston bar entertainment is only a great value if you are getting a great return on your investment.  The
best way to verify a hosts performance is to visit one of their other weekly shows or speak with the bar owners or
bartenders from the establishment where they currently perform.  A solid company with an impeccable reputation will
seldom agree to a try-out night. This is a night where a bar will have several companies come in and perform for a
short amount of time so that the bar owner or manager can pick their favorite.  That is why professionals have
references as well as current shows that a potential client can watch their performance.  Quality equipment is
expensive.  Music is an expense that bar entertainment is constantly investing in.  There is set-up and break down
associated with a show.  A four hour bar entertainment night can turn into a full shift for any great host.