Karaoke Houston has been providing shows in Houston, Tx since 2002.  We started our fist show at a small bar in
West Houston and we have been hooked on karaoke ever since.  Karaoke shows require the ability to keep a fair
rotation as well as deal with clients who can be extremely picky about sound.  When running a karaoke show in
Houston, It is important to maintain a fair rotation that takes care of the late comers as well as the early birds! We
do this by staggering in new singers between old ones.  We have been told that our karaoke shows are frequented
often due to our song selection and professional attitude. Houston Karaoke shows vary based on the karaoke
hosts experience.  Houston's best karaoke show will provide it's clients with up to date song selection, fair rotation
as well as the ability to cater to both picky and intoxicated clients.  Also, when hiring a karaoke company for a
weekly show, it is important to consider the size of the company.  A large Karaoke company in Houston will have
the ability to cover a karaoke show if the regular karaoke host is sick or has a last minute emergency.  This may
not seem like a big deal, but one missed show gives your clients the opportunity to shop the local competition.  
Karaoke shows in Houston can be both fun to sing at as well as fun to watch! Some karaoke singers take their bar
crooning very seriously while others frequent karaoke shows just to have fun on the mic and make fun of their
friends obnoxious howling on the stage.  A good karaoke show will not only bring revenue to your establishment,
but also will help line the pockets of the bar staff.  We encourage you to visit one of Houston's karaoke shows and
take the plunge! It may be challenging for you to get up there on the karaoke limelight, but once you do, you may
be hooked.  When searching for karaoke shows in Houston, you can usually find one nearby by using a search
engine such as Yahoo or Google!
We currently have karaoke shows all over the
city of Houston and are growing quickly.  It
takes time to build a reputation in this
business.  We would love to have you come
out to one of our karaoke shows in Houston
and tell us what you think.  We are always
looking for compliments as well as constructive
criticism.  After all, The patron is our boss! We
look forward to seeing you at one of our
Houston karaoke shows!