Karaoke machine rental in Houston is a popular business.  We have checked all karaoke machine rental companies
in Houston and have found that their prices are not much different than that of a full featured karaoke service
company.  The only difference is, you do not have to pick up or drop off a karaoke machine nor do you have to
struggle through a set-up process.  Also, by hiring a karaoke service provider, you can avoid being stuck at a
karaoke machine all night while your guests are having fun.  We are not suggesting that karaoke machine rentals do
not have their place in the market, but rather suggesting that karaoke machine rentals may not be your best option.  
Most karaoke machine rentals are a flat fee for the day.  A karaoke service provider will almost always charge an
overtime rate for additional hours above the initial agreed upon time. However, if you are only looking for a four or
five hour set, a karaoke service provider may be a better option than a karaoke machine rental.  If you plan on
singing until the cows come home, a karaoke machine rental may be a better option for you and your guests. Keep
in mind that a great karaoke host will know how to manipulate the sound board to make each singer sound his or her
best.  A karaoke machine will rely on the limited experience of it's operator.  I hope this helps you in deciding
weather to utilize a karaoke machine rental company in Houston or to utilize a karaoke company like ours.
Karaoke Machine Rental