When frequenting on of Houston's karaoke bars, be prepared to have fun! There are many karaoke bars in
Houston and all provide the same basic service. A PA system, a Mic and a monitor with lyrics.  Houston's karaoke
bars can be found mostly in north west Houston, but there are quite a few on the west side of the Gulf Freeway.  
You can find karaoke bars by searching any major search engine for karaoke bars in Houston.  Once you find a
Houston karaoke bar, you may want to prepare yourself with a shot of your favorite spirit to attain a bit of
courage.  However, once you sing in a few karaoke bars, the courage will come natural! Try one of your favorite
karaoke songs first! Something that you know.  Maybe karaoke a Whitney Houston song will come natural. With a
little practice, the confidence will show! Or, you can take it to the next level and put on a show with your stage
presence.  With the right performance, karaoke bar hosts will start begging you to come out and sing on their
show! Houston is a melting pot of diverse talent.  Gone are the days of bad singing in general.  There are some
extremely talented singers that frequent karaoke bars in Houston.  But don't let that stop you from visiting karaoke
bars in Houston.  Remember, you are your worst critic.  Do not over analyze your style or voice, if the crowd likes
it, that's all that matters.  One more thing, when learning a new song to perform at a local karaoke bar, try and
mimic the original song as closely as possible until you
learn the song.  Once you are comfortable with the
song and the timing, try and make it your own.  Do
something unique! Also, ask your Houston karaoke
bar host what version you are performing.  All
versions of the same song are slightly different.  This
may throw off your performance at the karaoke bar.  
No need to stress over this though.  Just pick a
version and stick with it. Most of Houston's karaoke
bars will have hosts that pick the best version
anyway.  Usually sound choice.  Thank you and we
look forward to seeing you at one of the karaoke bars
in Houston!