What makes one karaoke show better than another? Great sound with a host that has a great selection. A host that
runs a fair rotation and always puts his or her singers in the limelight! This is what makes our shows the best in
Houston.  We adjust sound for each and every singer.  For the best karaoke show in Houston, come out and
experience the Karaoke Houston difference! We train each and every host to run the show with the same care and
pride that has allowed our company to grow even through a decade of recession.  We offer Houston's best karaoke
show by making our singers feel as though they are a future celebrity in training.  With top of the line equipment, we
are able to add just the right amount of effects, warmth or brightness to vocals so that the performers voice pops off
the stage and into the arena!  This is what makes Karaoke Houston the top karaoke service provider in Houston,
TX.  We claim to be the best karaoke show in Houston, TX, but please don't take our word for it. Come out to one of
our local shows and sing your heart out! We haven't always been the best karaoke show in Houston.  Our lessons
Houston's Best Karaoke Show
have all been learned the hard way.  As any entertainment service
provider can tell you, there is no school for what we do.  We have
taken our knocks and adapted, changed and improvised.  Through
the years, we have learned that in order to provide our clients with the
best karaoke show possible, small areas had to be tweaked.  We have
listened to our customer feedback since 2003.  We were able to put a
science behind things such as songbooks, rotation, interaction along
with how much the host sings.  The show is not about the host, it's
about the singers.  Once we hit a set number in rotation, the host
takes themselves out of rotation.  It's about perception and our
following has told us time and time again that we have the best
karaoke show in Houston.  If you would like to see Houston's best
karaoke show, come out and pay us a visit.  Let the host know that
you found Karaoke Houston on our website!